Mika Rottenberg, Cosmic Generator


cosmis genrator mika rotengberg musnter proyject 2017


Donde: Gartenstrasse 29. Munster, Alemania.

La artista argentina Mika Rotengberg, presenta su proyecto en Munster Project 2017.

Hidden in the back of a former Asian supermarket, amongst inflatable pineapples, tinsel and rubber ducks, is a video by Argentinian artist Mika Rottenberg. Cosmic Generator, a reflection on the dark side of capitalism, shows bored shop attendants surrounded by piles of plastic goods in a market in Yiwu, China. The footage is interspersed with images of a tunnel bathed in green and pink light, a reference, according to the catalogue, of a rumoured underground passageway built by the Chinese population of Calexio, Mexico, to evade border controls. Switching between video, installation and performance, the piece is yet another example of Sculpture Project Münster’s fluid definition of sculpture.

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