Conversations in Time

Las oyentes comparten las historias conmovedoras, personales e íntimas de diferentes artistas, curadores o profesionales del campo artístico.

Las conversaciones abarcan temas desde el impacto y el rol del arte en la sociedad;  la tensión entre el arte comunitario y la producción individual de los artistas, la brevedad de la vida o la frustrante distracción del consumismo.


European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 and Cast Iron Radio have joined forces to bring you these Conversations in Time

Conversations in Time is a series of interviews inspired by American artist and writer, Suzi Gablik’s important book, Conversations Before the End of Time, first published in 1995. We asked artists, writers and cultural thinkers to rethink and interrogate the question posed in Gablik’s book: what is the purpose or role of art in an age of accelerating social change and environmental uncertainty?

“Aarhus 2017 is delighted to partner with Producer, Kate Bland, Cast Iron Productions and Large Glass London to bring Conversations in Time to people across the world via podcasting. These specially curated conversations between some of the leading creative minds open up ideas and stories that interrogate and contemplate the place and role of art and creative pursuits as we push into the next decades of the 21st century,” –Juliana Engberg, Programme Director European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

Conversationalists thus far:
Cecil Balmond, Tom Nielsen, Haroon Mirza, Jussi Parikka, Janneke Van Leeuwen, Andreas Roepstorff, Jimmie Durham, Marina Warner, Adrian Searle, Lara Pawson, Xavier Bray, Dorothy Cross, Mette Sandbye, Kirsten Justesen, Adam Phillips and Cornelia Grassi, Annie Freud, Elaine Beckett, A.L. Kennedy, Francesca Melandri, Siobhan Davies, Guy Claxton, Liliane Lijn and Alistair Hudson

We have just recorded 12 new conversations for this important audio series, the latest between leading Choreographer Siobhan Davies and Cognitive Scientist Guy Claxton. In the days before, we heard Artist Liliane Lijn with new Director of the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester, Alistair Hudson—both conversations were recorded with an audience present, in Large Glass Gallery in central London.

As listeners will hear, these additions are poignant, personal, intimate and generous and reveal how each participant has grappled with questions concerning the role of art in society throughout their careers; the tension between community art and an individual artist’s production, the brevity of life and the frustrating distraction of consumerism.

We will continue to add new conversations to Conversations in Time through the coming year.

Listen here:
Aarhus 2017 website:

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