Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

Marzo 6 a Noviembre 26 2017

Gyula Várnai’s Peace on Earth! project is about the viability and necessity of utopias; about the fact that although our past conceptions of the future have not come true, new visions are required in every age in order for mankind to achieve its goals. As the current circumstances, including technological development, world politics, global economic and natural crises or the waves of migration keep posing new challenges, our conception of the future is changing faster than before. Although we could have reason to be pessimistic, Várnai offers a reassuring scenario to keep our faith in the coming of a better age.

Through his installations, Gyula Várnai’s exhibition evokes the ideas of the futurology and the utopias of the past and confronts them with the challenges of the present. His sources are found material and visual elements, which he puts into new contexts in order to shed light on the fact that our vision of the future is the foundation of all the discourses of economics and power, no matter in which era we live in. In the socialist model city of Dunaújváros—named “Stalingrad” in Hungarian when it was built—where he grew up and continues to live, his sources often include relics of the Cold War era or the aesthetic of industrial environment. Created using simple techniques, his montage-like works overwrite the stereotypical Eastern European world view with contemporary philosophical and literary allusions.

Zsolt Petrányi curator

Buscalo en : Pavillon Hungria en la 57 Biennale, Giradini, Venecia, Italia

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