Facundo de Zuviría: Siesta Argentina and other modest observations

Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Muestra del 25.01.17 al 1.04.17

Organizada por el curador independiente Alexis Fabry y la Directora del Programa de Artes Visuales de AS/COA Gabriela Rangel.

Facundo de Zuviría: Siesta Argentina and other modest observations is structured around the extraordinary photo-essay Siesta Argentina by Facundo de Zuviría (b. 1954). Comprising 36 black and white prints of closed storefronts in Buenos Aires, the series was triggered by the “corralito crisis”—the deep economic and social downturn that shook Argentina in 2001. As the photographer wandered through the streets of the Argentine capital, he delved into the complexities of an urban reality where modernity collides with the unintended and anachronistic beauty of a world on the verge of disappearance. In addition to Siesta Argentina, the exhibition includes photographic prints in color and black and white that retrace de Zuviría’s creative journeys, chronicling the vernacular architecture, design, and urban landscape of the photographer’s native Buenos Aires.

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